What Truth Are We Supposed to Speak? One More Time

March 18, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

Speaking the truth of God is not just something pastors and church leaders do. Rather, every single Christian should be equipped and ready to speak the truth about God when the opportunity to do so presents itself. We’re not talking only about evangelism; in fact, the focus is upon speaking the truth to our fellow believers. You and I are called to communicate God’s truth to each other.

Search Me, O God, and Know My Heart

March 15, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

Though a part of me resists dealing with what is wrong in my heart, I know that I need to see my sin as God sees it, so that I might confess and be forgiven, and so that I might turn from my sin to follow the Lord more completely.

Putting Off Falsehood and Speaking the Truth . . . Really?

March 14, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

If you’re like most Christians I have known, you are much more comfortable with falsehood and much less committed to truthfulness than you might at first think. Don’t let extreme examples keep you from taking a good hard look at your life–so that, by God’s grace, you might strip off fibbing and put on the glorious garment of truth.

Taking Off and Putting On in the Era of Fake News

March 13, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

Truthfulness isn’t an insignificant garment of the Christian life—like one of your socks, important but mostly functional and unnoticed. Rather, truth is like a new shirt—essential and obvious to all. So if you’re going to take off the old self and put on the new, you might well begin by looking at the truth quotient of your speech.

Putting on God’s Clothes

March 12, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

As we put on our new self, engaging in behaviors in imitation of God, choosing to do and speak like Jesus, then we will experience our newness in Christ.

The Christian Life is More Than Lots of Don’ts

March 11, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

There is a time and place for followers of Jesus to be clear about the “don’ts,” about beliefs and behaviors that are part of the old self and deserve to be taken off. Yet if we put most of our energy into opposing what’s wrong, we’ll have little left for doing and teaching what is right.

God’s Upside Down Values

March 8, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

If we are proud, if think we are really amazing, if we’re overly impressed with ourselves, then God may keep his distance from us. Perhaps this is because proud folk tend to be self-reliant. They aren’t inclined to need anybody else—including God.

Spiritual Renewal in Ordinary, Even Tedious Work

March 6, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

If you make yourself available to the Lord, then he will indeed meet you in the context of your daily work, whatever it is. He will use the things you experience each day to help you grow to be more like Christ—who, incidentally, spent the majority of his adult life doing common ordinary work. Your work can be an occasion for you to express your love for God as you open your heart to receive yet more of his love through Christ.

Be Renewed By Your Daily Work

March 5, 2019By Mark D. Roberts

To be sure, God is at work in us when we gather for corporate worship, when we pray, and when we help out in our church’s youth ministry. But God is also at work in us when we lead meetings, build furniture, or sell shoes. And often what happens in these ordinary activities actually provides opportunities for spiritual growth that aren’t always presented in so-called “spiritual activities.”